PUBLICATION NAME DownBeat Magazine PUBLICATION DATE 09/11/2012 PRESS LINK Think of Italian guitarist Marco Cappelli’s new album as a mixture of Dick Dale and John Zorn, or perhaps a far-out musical crossbreeding of the Ventures with a mind-blowing, avant-garde jazz education… DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE Editors’ Picks September 2012BY HILARY BROWNMarco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy, The American […]

Marco Cappelli has two main regular teaching  jobs: he is Guitar Professor at CONSERVATORIO VINCENZO BELLINI in Palermo (Italy)  and  Associate Professor at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MPP (Music Performance Program)  in  New York (USA).Occasionally Marco  gives masterclasses: he has been “guest professor” at JULLIARD SCHOOL (2004), NYU (2004) and  MANNES COLLEGE (2008)  in New York , […]

Marco Cappelli is Guitar Professor at Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini in Palermo, Italy since 1998. Since he lives in New York, his lessons in Palermo are gathered in intensive weeks distributed along the year with monthly/bi-monthly regularity.