Marco Cappelli_guitars / Doug Wieselman_clarinets / Josè Davila_trombone and tuba / Ken Filiano_double bass / Jim Pugliese_drums / Francesco Pellegrino_vocals

IDR + Marc Ribot Live @ The Stone, NYC – 09-09-15

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IDR is a band co-leaded by Marco Cappelli and percussionist/composer Jim Pugliese. Marco and Jim’s mutual reverence for the ritual music of southern Italy villages brought them to the following statement:

“IDR’s music reflects the process of the  immigrants memory’s distortion from second generation on. This is what happens by living in the New Yorker cultural melting pot with a strong traditional background; IDR’s music is at the same time far from the original source – for geographic, chronological and cultural reasons – and full of tradition’s elements. IDR’s music is impossible to fit in any conventional standard.” MC & JP

“IDR (Italian Doc Remix) premiered at ISSUE PROJECT ROOM in NYC back in 2004. After connecting with the finest of New York’s Downtown Improvisers, Marco Cappelli organized an all-star ensemble to produce what has become one of my favorite projects. Since its premiere performance, IDR has perfected its instrumentation, interpretation and personal language, viewing the project as a complete expression rather than a series of individual pieces. This music is about connection: the connection to one’s culture as well as the merging of styles of different cultures and centuries. It’s about a commitment to culture that Marco felt in Italy and to the music of a particular place and time in New York. Percussionist Jim Pugliese felt the urgency of this mix and encouraged Cappelli’s sorcery. There is alchemy here, a magical blend that emerges as Marco mixes rare ingredients, rearranges and transmutes traditional melodies into spontaneous, musical gold. Marco’s “canons” and “ostinatos” break down the structure of traditional sonic worlds and entwine them in fresh detail, bringing them into harmonious accord.”

Suzanne Fiol (Founder of ISSUE Project Room – Brooklyn)

photo by Scott Friedlander

Since its debut in New York,  IDR has toured in Europe recorded 2 cds: Take the G Train (Ubi-Dareco, 2007) and Italian Doc Remix (Itinera, 2008), with guests Marc Ribot and DJ Logic. In 2012 the band performed at Roulette in Brooklyn, in  a memorable concert featuring its new repertoire dedicated to the music written by composer Nino Rota for Federico Fellini’s movies.

In 2015 IDR has been reassembled with singer Francesco Pellegrino, whose amazing voice – traditional and modern at once – translates IDR’s statement in music, and makes it more clear of any possible explanation.

A NOTE by Marco Cappelli & Jim Pugliese
“IDR is a musical project in search of a bond in a world of emigrants and emigration where traditions flow back and forth sometimes altered and sometimes overlapping.
The fact that the ritual music of Southern Italy is the subject of this search happened by chance and was brought about by the fortuituos meeting of two musicians who for various reasons share the devotion
to this music and these traditions. But the more important principal is our intuition that ritual music and free improvisation share many aspects of the musical and compositional process. For us IDR represents the sonorous materialization of a mysterious association of ideas we had when, attending the Carnival of Montemarano or the Festivity of the Gigli in Nola, we imagined and felt as we where in the midst of a session of Albert Ayler.”

IDR live @ Cerkno Jazz Festival, 2010