Marco Cappelli_Guitar / Ken Filiano_Double Bass / Satoshi Takeishi_Percussion

MC_ACOUSTIC_TRIOphoto by Pietro Previti

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The MARCO CAPPELLI ACOUSTIC TRIO (with Ken Filiano, bass and Satoshi Takeishi, percussion)  explores the “chamber music” sound of  Marco’s classical prepared guitar in combination with Ken’s powerful acoustic bass playing and Satoshi’s very special set of percussion. Formed back in 2009 by three of most active improvisers in the New York avantgarde music scene, gained a reputation through many appearences in New York’s venues as well through two fortunate  European tours in 2011 and 2013. The Acoustic Trio repertoire is mostly based on the music that Marco Cappelli writes inspired by the characters of noir writers.

The first cd, published in 2011 by Mode Records is titled Les Nuages en France, and is  inspired by the mysteries of French writer Fred Vargas . Those familiar with  Vargas noir series, will find it easy to recognize the personalities of Adamsberg, Danglard, Retancourt…

The second cd is titled Le Stagioni del Commissario Ricciardi has been published in 2013 by the John Zorn’s label Tzadik, and is dedicated to the Italian writer Maurizio De Giovanni and his mysteries featuring  Commissario Ricciardi, a poetic figure of policeman against the establishment acting  in the 30ies in  Naples under the fascist regime.

The band is currently working on releasing its third recording project dedicated to “noir  literarature”:  this time  focus is on  the  Norwegian mystery writer Jo Nesbø. For the occasion the Acoustic Trio features two special guests such as Oscar Noriega on clarinets and DJ Olive on turntables.

In the Fall 2014 actor Andrea Renzi and Marco Cappelli premiered the theater play Sonata per il Commissario Ricciardi, based on a short story by Maurizio De Giovanni produced by Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo alla Kalsa and presented at the prestigious Napoli Teatro Festival 2015, with live music by MARCO CAPPELLI ACOUSTIC TRIO with special guest Shoko Nagai (accordion).

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