Percussionist/composer ADAM RUDOLPH and MARCO CAPPELLI met back in 2005 during  a John Zorn’s Improv Night at The Stone in NYC, here below fixed in a beautiful shot – with saxophonists Briggan Krauss (left) and John Zorn (right) – by photographer Peter Gannushkin.

Since then they Marco has been part of both Adam’s GO ORGANIC ORCHESTRA and GO ORGANIC GUITAR ORCHESTRA.

photo by Peter Gannushkin/ DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET

For over a decade the duet of Marco Cappelli and Adam Rudolph have been delighting audiences worldwide. Theirs is a fresh yet accessible approach to world music. Their combined virtuosity is of the highest caliber; yet for these artists virtuosity exists only to serve a vision of melodic beauty and deep grooves. Audiences have been spellbound by the unique sounds these artists elicit from their instruments and by their exciting improvisational dialogues.

Marco Cappelli and Adam Rudolph toured as duo since 2009, and  recorded the cd Return And Again (Meta Records, 2015). A recent tour took place in March 2016 all around Italy.

Live @ Palazzo dello Spagnolo, Napoli – Italy / 03_18_16

(Photo by Pietro Previti)