In his solo projects Marco Cappelli  creates a bridge between the traditional contemporary repertoire and the most daring experimentation. Next to the great classics of the 900s (Berio, Britten, Carter, Chavez, Ginastera, Henze, Krenek, Martin, Migot, Scelsi…) and to the most traditional guitar repertoire (Barrios, De Falla, Manen, Ponce, Turina…) year after year we witness the creation of a repertoire of compositions dedicated to him (Lee, Tedde, Lugo, EGP…) that present the most various languages such as live electronic and improvisation: during the same concert we may find the traditional classic guitar, with its elaborate sound, conversing in real time with pieces written for electric guitar and with the most extreme experimentation, to then create a solo concert entirely made of free improvisations. Some programs are presented as organic projects characterized by an identity as a unique body, while others are the results of the different combinations of Marco’s large repertoire.

EGP_extreme Guitar Project




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