Marco Cappelli has two main regular teaching  jobs: he is Guitar Professor at CONSERVATORIO VINCENZO BELLINI in Palermo (Italy)  and  Associate Professor at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MPP (Music Performance Program)  in  New York (USA).
Occasionally Marco  gives masterclasses: he has been “guest professor” at JULLIARD SCHOOL (2004), NYU (2004) and  MANNES COLLEGE (2008)  in New York , at CAL POLY in Pomona, Los Angeles (2003,2005,2006), at DIM in Mexico City (2004) and at GUADALAJARA UNIVERSITY, Mexico (2004, 2007), at XVI ENCUENTRO GUITARRÍSTICO CHORONI, Venezuela (2011).
Marco also has worked as assistant with  Mrs Sharon Isbin  at ASPEN SUMMER SCHOOL, Colorado – USA (2006).
In summer 2014 Marco has taught at INCONTRI MUSICALI INTERNAZIONALI organized by Falaut at Univesity of Salerno, Italy.