Bernie Worrell – keyboards / Marc Ribot – guitar / Marco Cappelli – guitar / Brad Jones – bass / JT Lewis – drums / DJ Logic – turntables

This is how Marc Ribot tells about Caged Funk story:

In rehearsing for a performance of John Cage’s ‘Sonata for Two Voices’ (1933) at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn –  one winter, guitarist Marco Cappelli and Marc Ribot made a strange discovery: the two guitarists overcame the gap between the rhythmic complexity of the piece and Mr. Ribot’s somewhat limited sight reading skills by ‘looping’ measures, constantly repeating each difficult passage until it became easier. It was in this way they became aware of a strange fact about John Cage’s music that would have probably surprised (and possibly dismayed) the composer himself: John Cage was one funky dude. The resulting project, “Caged Funk”, is a further exploration of this little known aspect the late composer’s work. 

Caged Funk was produced by and premiered at the Ludwigsburg Festival 2010, and includes all compositions originally by John Cage: Variations I & II, One 4, Credo in Us, Totem, Solo with Obligato Accompaniment, Some of the Harmony of Maine, Imaginary Landscape #1, Second Construction, Rozart Mix. Since its premiere Caged Funk hit the stage in important festivals such as Montreal Jazz Festival – Canada (2011),  Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti – Naples, Italy (2011) and Cite de la Musique – Paris, France (2102).

Caged Funk_4

Caged Funk  features Bernie Worrell (original Parliament Funkadelic keyboardist), guitarists Marc Ribot and Marco Cappelli, Brad Jones on bass, JT Lewis on drums and turntablist DJ Logic.

Caged Funk_3

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